During pregnancy, drugs taken by the mother pass to the baby. Some babies born to mothers who used opioids while pregnant may experience neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). NAS happens when a baby goes through withdrawal from certain substances after birth. NAS is a medical diagnosis based on several factors. Babies are not “addicted” – addiction is a chronic disease which involves continued behavior despite harm. Babies by definition cannot be addicted, but are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. A baby that is substance exposed, or SEI (substance exposed infant), is one that does not meet the medical criteria for a diagnosis of NAS, but was exposed to substances during pregnancy. 

This digital toolkit provides resources to the community to address the needs of substance-exposed infants and their families in our region. The content of the toolkit was developed by members of the Washington County Community Advocacy Committee: Washington County, VA Department of Health, Highlands Community Services, VA Department of Social Services, Ballad Health, People Incorporated, and United Way of Southwest Virginia.

Warm Line

Struggling with addiction? You are not alone. The SWVA Substance Abuse Warm Line will allow you to speak 24/7 with a peer who truly understands the struggle and has lived the recovery experience: 1-866-339-9206.

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