Our Education Initiatives

United Way of Southwest Virginia is fighting for the education of the region by making sure children and youth can start school ready to succeed, become proficient readers at a young age, stay on track in middle school, earn their high school diploma, and pursue a higher education or career.

Childhood Success

United Way of Southwest Virginia is fighting to give children a strong start by improving the quality of early experiences that equip them for success in school and in life.

Childhood Success

With United Way of Southwest Virginia, you have an entire team dedicated to Childhood Success.

United We Win by improving the quality of early experiences that equip children for success in school and life.

United We Win by ensuring children start school ready to succeed and become proficient readers.

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Youth Success

United Way of Southwest Virginia is fighting to connect youth with the skills, experiences, and support they need for good-paying jobs and lifelong careers.

United We Win by providing connection from high school students to employers.

United We Win by helping youth find the resources to learn and develop new professional skills.

The Youth Success team supports United Way of Southwest Virginia’s cradle-to-career approach.

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Our Education Events

Careers Expo for Youth
As one component of the United Way of Southwest Virginia Ignite Program, the Careers Expo for Youth is an annual event held at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Over 4,000 7th grade students from Southwest Virginia participate throughout the course of two days.

Students move through four zones filled with hands-on activities by regional employers in 16 different career paths. At this annual event, seventh grade students see first-hand what it’s like to participate in a chemistry experiment, climb a utility pole, practice CPR, or use a 3D printer – directly from industry professionals located in Southwest Virginia.

Tender Loving Caregivers Conference
The United Way of Southwest Virginia Tender Loving Caregivers (TLC) Conference is held each year in Southwest Virginia for early childhood professionals. Conference attendees are able to make connections with hundreds of early childhood professionals, gain insights on early learning, and re-ignite their passion for early childhood development. For more information, visit tlcconference.com.

Early Childhood Summit
The Early Childhood Summit is held each year in Southwest Virginia for early childhood professionals. Attendees are able to recharge and gain fresh ideas before returning to their classrooms to provide the best quality of care and education to children birth to five. For more information, visit smartbeginningsswva.org/2018ecs.

Professional Development Workshops
Our professional development opportunities are currently offered to our Virginia Quality program participants in Southwest Virginia and programs receiving on-site services from VA Infant & Toddler Specialist Network. For more information, visit unitedwayswva.org/pd.

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