Project Overview

The Childcare Start-up Assistance Project (CSAP) was created to improve the professional development of those who work with young children in childcare and pre-school settings, as well as assist individuals as they start their own family day home or small child care center in counties that have little or no existing licensed care.

In 2017, we were awarded funding by the Appalachian Regional Commission that allowed us to strengthen the effectiveness of our other initiatives by developing this project to expand access to quality childcare in our region.

Why should a family day home become licensed?

  1. Licensed centers assure parents and/or guardians of quality care.
  2. Licensing provides access to community resources, including quality improvement funds and education.
  3. Family day homes are promoted as available care options in the Virginia DSS Child Care Database.

How are we helping individuals start family day homes or childcare centers?

  • Hosting training sessions
  • Offering financial support and resources for professional development and credentialing
  • Awarding mini-grants for home improvements to individuals starting family day homes
  • Providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring through the licensing process


Audrey Kirk
Workforce Development Coordinator
Phone: 276-525-4056
Fax: 276-525-8484

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About our work in Education

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